Smart Tehran Hackathon

Ali Yaghtin Announces Launch of 1st Smart Tehran Hackathon

Smart City Week is Coming to Tehran

CEO of Tehran Municipality ICT Organization, Mohammad Farjood, said in a press conference managed by TMICTO on 3 rd November, 2018 that the first Smart City Week will ...

Smart city of Tehran on Municipal Council's agenda

The Managing Director of Information and Communication of Tehran Municipal Council has said the implementation of Smart City plan in Tehran is a time-consuming program a...

Seyed M. A. Afshani, Mayor of Tehran:

We tend to use smart solutions in all fields in urban domain

Smart city projects should be measurable and schedulable

Bahareh Arvin, Member of City Council of Tehran, and Head of Smart City & Transparency Committee of the Council, with the members of Smart City & Transparency Committee ...

Smart city solutions for better urban planning

“Smart Tehran Evolution” held in May 2018 with the main theme of "smart city: features and indicators". The main goal of the event was to analyze definitions, concepts a...

Azari Jahromi, Minister of Information & Communication Technology:

Smart city is a necessity for increasing efficiency

Azari Jahromi said in the 1st Smart Tehran Congress that "developing smart city technologies is a necessity for increasing efficiency. And also, for achieving such a goa...

Mohammad A. Najafi, Former Tehran Mayor:

Smart cities are transparent and accountable

Mohammad Najafi, the then Tehran mayor said in Smart Tehran Congress that developing smart city technologies is one of the main plans of Tehran municipality in the next ...

Dr. Sorena Sattari, Vice President for Science & Technology:

Creative smart cities will be like a college

Dr. Sattari said in Smart Tehran Congress that it is necessary to develop accelerators and to transform Tehran into a science & technology park.