Congress Venue

Tehran Milad Tower, is a multi-purpose tower in Tehran, Iran. It is the sixth-tallest tower and the 24th-tallest freestanding structure in the world and is located between Qarb Town and the district of Gisha, and is accessed through four major highways of Tehran major highways standing at 435 meters from the base to the tip of the antenna.
International convention center of Tehran Milad Tower is in the eastern part of this tower and is specifically designed for holding international events like conferences, concerts, theaters and so on. This building has the capacity of:
* Main Hall(1500 Persons)
* VIP Conference Hall (60 Persons)
* Saadi Conference Hall (200 Persons)
* Roodaki Conference Hall (200 Persons)
* Molavi Conference Hall (150 Persons)
* Khayyam Hall (800 Persons)
* Shahryar Hall (40 Persons)

The specification of this building are namely 24000 square meter of area, special steel structure and modern equipment such as elevators, escalators, and illuminations, audio and video systems.
It is worth mentioning that the execution period of this project from start of excavation to exploitation was 100 days.

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