Smart Tehran Hackathon

Ali Yaghtin Announces Launch of 1st Smart Tehran Hackathon
Chairman of Smart Tehran Center, Ali Yaghtin, announced the launch of the first "Smart Tehran Hackathon", a competition for startups to develop solutions for urban problems. This is a three-day event during which startups compete with each other to develop solutions using free APIs offered by Tehran Municipality.
It should be noted that the event is a part Smart Tehran Week. In fact, Tehran Municipality ICT Organization (TMICTO) and Smart Tehran Center (STC) were constantly insisting on holding a smart city week in Tehran. Accordingly, the first Smart City Week was planned to be held in Tehran from 5 to 11 December, 2018. Smart Tehran Hackathon is the first event during the week and also, 2nd Smart Tehran Congress will be held on 10 & 11 December at Tehran Milad Tower during this week. It is a great honor and pleasure to welcome all smart cities stakeholders to the Smart Tehran Week.
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