Mohammad Farjood, CEO at TMICTO:

Inattention to “Smart City” is a matter of concern

Mohammad Farjood who was one of the speakers of 3rd Iran IoT Conference & Exhibition, emphasized on the importance of developing smart city technologies and said: “Nowadays, main players in this sector should try to influence policy-makers and decision-makers and persuade them to focus on the matter of “smart city”.

He added: “Unfortunately, we have not been able to attract attentions into the necessity of developing smart city technologies. If cities ignore developing “smartness”, they will face more key challenges in different parts such as transportation, environment, social matters, etc. But smart technologies can help cities meet these challenges better. So, this is our obligation to strengthen a forward-looking view about what technology could eventually do in the cities."

The Conference was held on 13-14 February, 2018 at Tehran Municipality Conference Center & Exhibition Hall in Goftogu Park.